We love working with businesses that are looking to disrupt a category. Or create one.

This gives us the opportunity to help build a brand that changes the category conversation. We love tired and jaded categories dominated by legacy players who don’t change over decades. So our brands can give them a kick in the rear of their pants.

In cahoots with:


India’s most loved learning app

Byju is our inspiration. And an inspiration for so many others – his team who share his strong belief and passion, his partners and investors who have benefited from the company’s incredible growth curve. We are thrilled to be his brand partners in an amazing journey – to change the way children learn all over the world. Byju’s vision of transforming learning and helping children learn the right way – by falling in love with learning – has created what is soon becoming the most respected learning brand in the world. And in his own words – ‘We have just begun.’


The most rewarding credit card payment app

Kunal Shah is back at it again. Doing what he does best. Disrupting categories, breaking stereotypes, questioning norms. This time, he and his team have turned their eyes onto the Credit Card space. CRED opens a world of privileges and rewards for credit card users who choose to pay their bills through their platform. We are thrilled to partner with the CRED team to build a unique, exclusive, premium brand that re-defines the credit space in India.


India’s favourite place to sell their car

Vikram Chopra and his merry band are changing the way cars are sold in India. They are taking the ‘used’ out of the used car category, by transforming the customer experience at the time of sale. We are helping them build a strong brand that does justice to the brilliant product they have built; a brand that will last for years and years and will be the first name that comes to mind when you decide to sell your beloved car. A refreshed brand proposition that has led to a new identity, visible across online and offline and a memorable customer experience across all touch points – makes this a very special brand engagement for Spring.


Bringing you the science of sleep

Chaitanya and Ankit have tremendous product love and passion – just hear them talk about the world of sleep. This love shines through in their meticulously crafted mattresses, their desire to constantly innovate and experiment, their unwillingness to be satisfied with their products. We see a big opportunity – disrupt a ‘sleepy’, lazy category and help brand Wakefit in their cause to build a sleep solutions company that surprises and delights their consumers.


India’s workout partner

Sameer Maheshwari leads a Ziddi team at Brand MuscleBlaze. They are building India’s leading active fitness brand and infusing it with muscle and soul. The journey to build MuscleBlaze is a journey of strong connect and engagement with the core audience, who are driven and possessed by their fitness goals. We do think that a little bit of this Zidd has seeped into Spring as well.


Meet our yummiest partner

We love food at Spring. A love we share with Rohan, Sid and team at Epigamia. Launched in 2015 as a range of Greek Yogurts, Epigamia has since expanded its portfolio to include artisanal curd, snack pack, Mishti Doi (an Indian sweet curd), and smoothies. We are working with Brand Epigamia to create a communication platform that disrupts the conversation around food in a cluttered and noisy FMCG market. We are thrilled to partner Team Epigamia as they take on Indian and global biggies to carve out a distinct position for themselves. Many tasty surprises coming soon. In the meanwhile, hold our yogurt.


Driven by the vision of a smoke-free world

Cipla’s Nicotex is trying to get India to quit smoking. Over the past few years, the brand has launched a series of products and initiatives to help smokers in their journey to quit. We are thrilled to join them on this journey to find disruptive and effective ways to convince smokers to quit.

RS Software

Payments at the speed of thought

RS Software is India’s best kept secret in the payments space. We are working with them to ensure their work remains a secret no longer. The RS team has contributed immensely to building the payments infrastructure of our country by helping build the digital payment enablement platform in India – UPI. Raj and his team have tremendous experience and expertise in their domain – that will soon translate into a path breaking series of products and platforms.

Beautiful begins with you

FACES Cosmetics, a Canadian cosmetics brand, offers a complete line of color cosmetics, skin care products and accessories to suit every ethnicity, skin type, complexion and texture. The team at Spring will partner with FACES in their journey to build a distinctive brand that connects with the aspirations of today’s Indian women.

The nation’s most trusted pharmacist

Prashant, Gaurav and the 1mg team have a simple vision: make healthcare accessible to all. We are thrilled that they chose to partner with us to bring their vision to life. We have tried to apply the same amount of care to the language and thinking of the brand that the 1mg team has done to the product itself. Launching a brand for the first time is a huge responsibility and we are excited at what the future holds. We are confident that the 1mg team will change the healthcare space for the better: by bringing much needed Care to Health.