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Consulting Portfolio

Jar The piggy bank of and for the future!

As a country with a rapidly growing young population that’s facing constantly-evolving economic realities, building smart financial habits has never been more important for India. With JAR, founders Nischay and Misbah have created a unique and engaging solution that encourages the audience to start saving money on an everyday basis. The product enables people to dip their toe into the savings & investment space and build savvy savings habits. By leveraging technology to gamify the approach to smarter saving, JAR gets users to start small while saving in a trusted asset — gold! We at Spring are fascinated by both the product and the vision, and excited by the adoption & impact we continue to see across a variety of audiences. We’re thrilled to partner with JAR in building a new-age fintech brand for India.

Mosaic Wellness

Mosaic Wellness Creating a digital health platform from men and women

Talking about any issue is such a taboo in India because we're always worried about reaction and seeking help for it is almost out of the question. This is where we see Mosaic Wellness making that change. Revant and Dhyanesh are building 2 horizontal platforms focusing specifically on women- Be Bodywise and men- Man Matters where the platforms address the obvious, not-spoken-of issues that if we had a solution for, that could make both women and men more confident. Spring is partnering with Mosaic Wellness to build out this community of men and women in a real, relatable and reassuring manner. We’ve just gotten started in decoding the world of men and demysting the world of women. Stay tuned! Dental Care Done Right

It was ‘Smiles at first sight’ when we met Hitesh Kakrani and Dr Jatin Kakrani. Youthful, enthusiastic and very passionate about the problem they have set out to solve – re-making and re-imagining the dental experience. Every interaction with the Smiles Team, we came out loving their focus, appreciating the spectrum they were covering – from curative to cosmetic; and connecting with them strongly on the desire to build an impactful dental care brand. Excited to see and unveil what comes ahead - can promise lots of surprises and delights in the days to come. And many many more smiles.


Bewakoof There's a Bewakoof in all of us

A little Bewakoofi can be a beautiful thing. We certainly agree! Prabhkiran and his team have created a fashion & lifestyle brand that embodies self-expression in all its glory -- every shade of quirk, for every kind of crazy. We're thrilled to partner with them at such an incredible juncture in their journey. After all, there's a little bit of Bewakoof in all of us, isn't there?



Not our typical partner, but Levi's has a special place in the Spring journey. From launching their Performance Collection across Asia to co-creating their iconic 'When you take a step, we all move' campaign featuring Deepika Padukone, Spring has found a great fit with Levi's. We will be partnering with Levi's over the next couple of years to launch some of their new product collaborations. Watch this space for more!

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry Organic By Nature

From the moment we met Pritesh and Megha, the chemistry was undeniable. Juicy Chemistry is Spring's second investment partner, and it's truly a special equation. Juicy Chemistry was born out of Megha & Pritesh's kitchen (literally) and has grown into one of India's only fully organic personal care brands. Spring is partnering with Juicy Chemistry to help craft and bring alive their unique product story and help grow this brand organically.

Urban Company

Urban Company Making Ourselves At-Home

As Asia's largest home-services provider, Urban Company (formerly Urban Clap) has made its way into most of our homes. From appliance servicing to salon treatments, the brand is now synonymous with reliable expert at-home services. As their marketing partner, Spring is excited to work with this stellar team to further elevate their brand.


Dhan Made for trade (WIP)

Dhan - is a lightning fast app that provides precision to the second - just what a trader needs. Oh and also, unique strategies for a long term investor. A traders app and an investor's ally, Dhan boasts of an array of trading-friendly features like trading directly from the charts, pledging of shares, after-market orders and more. At Spring, we're working with this super team to carve out their positoning, build their proposition and go-to-market with a marketing strategy to remember.

TATA 1mg

TATA 1mg The nation’s most trusted pharmacist

Prashant, Gaurav and the 1mg team have a simple vision: make healthcare accessible to all. We are thrilled that they chose to partner with us to bring their vision to life. We have tried to apply the same amount of care to the language and thinking of the brand that the 1mg team has done to the product itself. Launching a brand for the first time is a huge responsibility and we are excited at what the future holds. We are confident that the 1mg team will change the healthcare space for the better: by bringing much needed Care to Health.


Plix Giving Nutrition a purpose

Do you know the full potential of plant-based nutrition? Well, Plix does. They are building a holistic nutrition brand powered by relentlessly clean ingredients and backed by cutting-edge nutritional science. At Spring, we are helping them redesigning the brand personality, communication, visual language and packaging.


Nicotex When the smoke clears...

... we'll have Nicotex to thank. Over the past few years, the brand has created multiple products and initiatives designed to help smokers in their journey to quit. They work tirelessly to offer support to those on this admittedly challenging path, and we at Spring are passionate about helping them make a difference.


Purplle India's #1 Beauty Destination

As the very first partner in our investment portfolio, the partnership between Spring and Purplle will always be a special one. We met Manish & Rahul in 2019 (the year of our inception) and things just clicked instantly. Their idealistic views, innovative mindset, and genuine focus on doing good for the community really resonated with us. We've been working closely with them to craft the Purplle persona, and to help spread some Good Vibes along the way as well!


Wakefit Bringing you the science of sleep

Chaitanya and Ankit have tremendous product love and passion – just hear them talk about the world of sleep. This love shines through in their meticulously crafted mattresses, their desire to constantly innovate and experiment, their unwillingness to be satisfied with their products. We see a big opportunity – disrupt a ‘sleepy’, lazy category and help brand Wakefit in their cause to build a sleep solutions company that surprises and delights their consumers.

Deep Rooted.Co

Deep Rooted.Co Your Local Farmer

Clover Ventures began with Avinash, Guru, Aravind and Santosh owning their own farm. What started as a B2B company designed to bring the freshest produce to food companies soon grew -- as did their expertise on the subject -- and so the consumer brand Deep Rooted Co. was born. We started our partnership with them early on in their journey -- right at the roots. And we can't wait to watch this fresh brand grow bountiful!