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Consulting Portfolio

BYJU'S India’s most loved learning app

Byju is our inspiration. And an inspiration for so many others – his team who share his strong belief and passion, his partners and investors who have benefited from the company’s incredible growth curve. We are thrilled to be his brand partners in an amazing journey – to change the way children learn all over the world. BYJU'S vision of transforming learning and helping children learn the right way – by falling in love with learning – has created what is soon becoming the most respected learning brand in the world. And in his own words – ‘We have just begun.’

Mosaic Wellness

Mosaic Wellness Creating a digital health platform from men and women

Talking about any issue is such a taboo in India because we're always worried about reaction and seeking help for it is almost out of the question. This is where we see Mosaic Wellness making that change. Revant and Dhyanesh are building 2 horizontal platforms focusing specifically on women- Be Bodywise and men- Man Matters where the platforms address the obvious, not-spoken-of issues that if we had a solution for, that could make both women and men more confident. Spring is partnering with Mosaic Wellness to build out this community of men and women in a real, relatable and reassuring manner. We’ve just gotten started in decoding the world of men and demysting the world of women. Stay tuned!


Bewakoof There's a Bewakoof in all of us

A little Bewakoofi can be a beautiful thing. We certainly agree! Prabhkiran and his team have created a fashion & lifestyle brand that embodies self-expression in all its glory -- every shade of quirk, for every kind of crazy. We're thrilled to partner with them at such an incredible juncture in their journey. After all, there's a little bit of Bewakoof in all of us, isn't there?


Wakefit Bringing you the science of sleep

Chaitanya and Ankit have tremendous product love and passion – just hear them talk about the world of sleep. This love shines through in their meticulously crafted mattresses, their desire to constantly innovate and experiment, their unwillingness to be satisfied with their products. We see a big opportunity – disrupt a ‘sleepy’, lazy category and help brand Wakefit in their cause to build a sleep solutions company that surprises and delights their consumers.

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry Organic By Nature

From the moment we met Pritesh and Megha, the chemistry was undeniable. Juicy Chemistry is Spring's second investment partner, and it's truly a special equation. Juicy Chemistry was born out of Megha & Pritesh's kitchen (literally) and has grown into one of India's only fully organic personal care brands. Spring is partnering with Juicy Chemistry to help craft and bring alive their unique product story and help grow this brand organically.



Not our typical partner, but Levi's has a special place in the Spring journey. From launching their Performance Collection across Asia to co-creating their iconic 'When you take a step, we all move' campaign featuring Deepika Padukone, Spring has found a great fit with Levi's. We will be partnering with Levi's over the next couple of years to launch some of their new product collaborations. Watch this space for more!

Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma Serving Life

Not our typical partner, but we are on an interesting journey with brand Mankind. The 25+ year old company is known for making its medicines accessible. Be it medical representatives, doctors, pharmacists, chemists, consumers or even employees - everyone believes in the founder's vision - "Mankind is a man who is kind at heart." Spring is helping them define their corporate brand and is also creating a cohesive brand narrative that extends into all product categories.

Bounce Infinity

Bounce Infinity Redefining commute

Bounce is launching a first-of-its-kind, smart mobility in the country, their first electric scooter called Bounce Infinity. This is redefining how we commute especially with its advanced equiment and intelligent features. Given its battery swapping mechanism, in 10 seconds, you can go from 0% to 100% battery. Spring is partnering with them and owning the end-to-end launch campaign, building brand world, communication, visual language and brand personality.


Gupshup The power of conversational messaging

We are always thrilled to bring new experiences to life and partnering with Gupshup let's us do just that and more.. A conversational messaging platform at heart that drives progression in communication across channels for businesses to better interact with consumers. We're at the cusp of a paradigm shift and are working with them on a brand identity to unveil the power of conversations. Stay Tuned!


Purplle India's #1 Beauty Destination

As the very first partner in our investment portfolio, the partnership between Spring and Purplle will always be a special one. We met Manish & Rahul in 2019 (the year of our inception) and things just clicked instantly. Their idealistic views, innovative mindset, and genuine focus on doing good for the community really resonated with us. We've been working closely with them to craft the Purplle persona, and to help spread some Good Vibes along the way as well!


Kingfisher Cheers to the Good Times

It’s always fun with The King Of Good Times. We at Spring are thrilled to be able to create fresh and engaging content and activities for what is undoubtedly India’s most iconic beer. From cheeky topical content on social media, to activities that got the brand’s audience excited for more, here’s raising a glass to even more good times.


mcaffeine Freshly Brewed Personal Care

As a team that loves its coffee, this brand piqued our curiosity right away. A caffeine-based personal care brand -- who would have thought! Until we met and heard the passion, commitment, and the innovation story from Tarun and his partners. mCaffeine partnered with Spring in 2021, and we're all charged up to build a narrative about the fresh new superfood in personal care -- caffeine.


Spinny Buy and Sell Used Cars with Guaranteed Love

Calm and clear! These were the first things to hit us when we met Niraj, founder and CEO of Spinny. Niraj's story is as inspiring as the beautiful brand that he and his team are building. Spinny is a full-stack digital platform for buying pre-owned cars in India. The brand has grown exponentially since their inception in 2015 and is well on its way to becoming India's largest platform for buying pre-owned cars. Spring is collaborating with Spinny to help craft the narrative for this beautiful brand and bring this narrative into every aspect of the organisation.


Nicotex When the smoke clears...

... we'll have Nicotex to thank. Over the past few years, the brand has created multiple products and initiatives designed to help smokers in their journey to quit. They work tirelessly to offer support to those on this admittedly challenging path, and we at Spring are passionate about helping them make a difference.


Plix Giving Nutrition a purpose

Are you aware of the full potential of plant based nutrition? Nuh-uh, but Plix is. They are creating a full-stack wellness platform which has relentlessly clean ingredients and is free of artificial flavours and preservatives. At Spring, we are helping them redesigning the brand personality, communication, visual language and packaging.


Jar The piggy bank of and for the future!

We love habits that help us progress in life and partnering with Jar let's us do just that and more.. Founded by Nischay and Misbah to help millions of Indians rediscover the advantage of saving a daily habit; be it rounding off the daily spends we normally neglect or setting aside a daily quota to the jar. We're working with them to bring this alive in a manner you've never seen before...


Mylo Raise Happiness

Mylo, trusted by 10+ million young parents is a platform to raise happy & healthy families through a range of holistic offerings that include high quality parenting content, peer advice from the community and products to fulfil all your family’s needs. They've got upto the final mile! We're happily raising some of Mylo by helping them define the core of the brand and crafting out their message to millions of families across India.


Practo The Doctor Is In

The team at Practo are driven by a singular focus — to make timely access to quality healthcare a reality for India. With a platform that connects users to over 100,000 of the country’s top doctors for reliable consultations, they’re forging ahead along that mission. So no matter what your symptoms, where you are, or when you need help, the doctor is always in.

Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony Definitely a good match

The beauty of partnering with a brand that is all about finding the right partner, is not lost on us. Few brands have offerings that survive the test of time like Bharat Matrimony has. While our worlds and lifestyles have changed over the decades, the search for the ideal partner remains relevant. We’re thrilled to work with the iconic matchmaking platform to help them grow and evolve their brand.

Country Delight

Country Delight Naturally Acha, Naturally Sacha

How often do you meet doodhwallahs who graduated from IIM? Chakri and Nitin proudly refer to themselves as just that. Driven by the passion to bring pure and fresh milk straight from farms to homes, Country Delight has earned a loyal consumer base off the most valuable asset there is: trust. As the brand evolves and grows, we're truly "delight"-ed to be a partner on the journey.

Deep Rooted.Co

Deep Rooted.Co Your Local Farmer

Clover Ventures began with Avinash, Guru, Aravind and Santosh owning their own farm. What started as a B2B company designed to bring the freshest produce to food companies soon grew -- as did their expertise on the subject -- and so the consumer brand Deep Rooted Co. was born. We started our partnership with them early on in their journey -- right at the roots. And we can't wait to watch this fresh brand grow bountiful! The Perfect Fit

Mukesh and Ankit need little introduction. Their vision to empower India to get healthier in every possible way was as ambitious as it has been phenomenal. The intelligent and holistic approach that has towards good health is one that inspires us and has us working to #BeBetterEveryday.


1mg The nation’s most trusted pharmacist

Prashant, Gaurav and the 1mg team have a simple vision: make healthcare accessible to all. We are thrilled that they chose to partner with us to bring their vision to life. We have tried to apply the same amount of care to the language and thinking of the brand that the 1mg team has done to the product itself. Launching a brand for the first time is a huge responsibility and we are excited at what the future holds. We are confident that the 1mg team will change the healthcare space for the better: by bringing much needed Care to Health.