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The Fund

“No Muscles without strength, Friendship without trust, Opinion without consequence, Change without aesthetics, Age without values, Life without effort, Water without thirst, Food without nourishment, Love without sacrifice, Power without fairness, Facts without rigour, Statistics without logic, Mathematics without proof, Teaching without experience, Politeness without warmth, Values without embodiment, Degrees without erudition, Militarism without fortitude, Progress without civilisation, Friendship without investment, Virtue without risk, Probability without ergodicity, Wealth without exposure, Complication without depth, Fluency without content, Decision without asymmetry, Science without skepticism, Religion without tolerance, …and most of all, nothing without SKIN IN THE GAME”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb


The opportunity – NOW

The consumer category is at an inflection point in India, due to a more discerning Indian consumer, increased availability of venture capital and the dramatic improvements in technology, especially due to internet access. 

However, this is not enough. Now, more than ever, building a brand has become critical for any consumer facing venture in India. With a flurry of disruptor brands and incumbent traditional brands vying for the Indian consumer’s wallet share, we think that the key to sustainability is consistent brand building to build consumer preference, accelerate to the next stage of growth and eventually make the “brand” a moat.


Our unique solution

The Spring Marketing Capital Fund will invest in consumer facing companies which have achieved some level of product-market fit. Along with our capital, we will offer our extensive marketing experience and expertise to help these companies to build the brands of tomorrow. The amazing investors backing us come from different parts of the consumer world and we hope to leverage this community of consumer experts to benefit our investee companies even further. This is our solution: to combine the power of capital, marketing expertise and community.


Our philosophy

Our investment philosophy rests on this core principle of “Skin-in-the-game”. A shared vision and a long-term alignment with the founder are critical to building a strong brand. This long-term alignment in goals allows us to work closely with the founder and management teams as partners and help them solve business problems through the lens of marketing, meaningfully impacting the company and brand’s trajectory.

Our philosophy is a direct result of our experience in the last few years where we have seen a disproportionate change in valuation in companies where we have got the marketing intervention right, and got it right early. We have also seen that founders, unlike MNCs, are seeking more than campaign or design support when it comes to marketing and brand building. Pure-play advertising and communications focussed firms are not organised in a fashion which allows them to do this for founders, most of whom are grappling with marketing spends and branding for the first time. 

We love to have the first marketing conversation in the room. We love a canvas that we can jointly paint on and help build brands to solve the test of time. Becoming an insider in our investee companies allows us the ability to offer our marketing expertise and experience as part of our partnership with the founders. We love to be the voice of the consumer in the companies we partner with.

We are here to build the brands of tomorrow in India.

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