We don’t buy used cars at CARS24. We buy your car.

CARS24 has built a very high awareness in India over the past few years. The next stage in the brand evolution is to build a consumer experience & brand platform that matches the CARS24 product experience. The first step in this journey was a complete brand refresh starting with the logo, the brand colours & the store experience.

The Brand Campaign:

The brand campaign is an articulation of the new brand purpose - We don’t buy used cars at CARS24. We buy your cars. As you drive to a CARS24 to sell your car, stay with the beautiful memories created in your car, leave the worries of selling to us.

Take a #ByeByeDrive to CARS24 and sell your car in one visit

Look the talk.

We looked hard at our previous branding exercises. And sought our answers in what our customers felt. And we realised, everything we strived for and stood for, had to reflect in everything about us. Even in the way we looked. We had to wear an identity that was us.

We are seamless, transparent, trustworthy and efficient. Our world is the road: automobile, journeys, engines, distances, people and memories. Our design had to bridge the both.

The new identity had to borrow elements from our world which could project the inherent core values of our business.

Destination: Design

Our new design language stems from popular road sign graphic styles, easily identifiable and globally recognised. Much like how these signs are designed to get the travellers’ attention, the new design language too stands out in a crowded market place, still staying true to the category with bold geometric forms and clean lines.

The toolbox

An insight into our Brand System.


The Logo

The logo is our name contained within a classic license plate encasing.

The rounded rectangle leaves enough room inside for the tall letter forms to stand out, along with the diagonal lined pattern which instantly cues the category.

Logo usage


The Zag

Diagonal line stripes which are our signature. These are simple, defining, adaptive and hold the power to make anything exclusive to Cars 24.


In our eco-system, Zag has been designated a larger responsibility than being just a mere design element. Zag is a symbol of our approach to this business, constantly reminding us of how we do things here. It stands for an outlook that looks at the business holistically and more human-ly. Zag stands for an attitude of problem-solving which need not adhere to conventions. Zagging is always in the direction of the future, exploring possibilities. Zag isn't mere design lines but guidelines that we keep going back to when we feel lost.

Zag usage



Our composition sensibility is clean and visual-led. If there’s photography used, the imagery is real, warm and rich in emotion. The usage of zags lend it our signature.



Our typography too had to be consistent with our inspiration. For the headers, we sought a typeface that was closer to the tall letter forms in our logo. For copy, we chose a typeface that complemented the rest, and something that cued professionalism and simplicity.

Montefiore Condensed




Clean lines, boxy patterns and rounded edges: evolving from the logo. Transitions and animation that cue in ease and efficiency. An attempt to make icons, iconic.