Wakefit Open Letters

Lockdown had a lot of us stressed and losing sleep about several issues. And well, some things shouldn't be slept on. And so came Open Letters, a series of heartfelt rants against a few of the many issues that robbed us of sleep during the quarantine. Some tugged at heartstrings, while others tickled funny bones; but each message resonated deeply with everyone as we lived through this truly unprecedented situation.

The campaign also invited the audience to share their own rants, grievances, and open letters at the Wakefit Postbox.

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The series culminated in the ultimate face-off, with the ‘Bartan Dho Liye’ videos, which went on to become one of the most shared viral videos in the country during the lockdown.

Open Letters: Dear Married Men | Honest Letter By A Wife During Lockdown Ft. Rasika Dugal
Open Letters: Dear Office | Struggle Of A Husband During Lockdown Ft. Sumeet Vyas