“Product still rules, now more than ever before.” Announcing our investment in Juicy Chemistry.

Raja Ganapathy

Founding Partner

Creating a me-too product is death. Product USP is not a matter of choice.


This is more true today than ever before. The consumer is much more aware and discerning thanks to higher exposure and complete, democratic access to knowledge. And today’s demanding consumer makes sure that D2C companies focus on building a great product as a means to building a great brand. At Spring, we strongly believe in the primacy of product in brand creation.

And this is why we are thrilled to announce our investment in Juicy Chemistry. From the first meeting with founders Pritesh and Megha, we have been struck by the passion they bring to building products. Ask them any question on any product – why this particular ingredient, why this process – and watch their eyes light up. Pritesh and Megha have created an amazing range of skin care products using the best that nature has to offer and have done so with rigour, research and a strong sense of doing the right thing for the consumer. Not treating ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ as mere buzz words, they have ensured none of their products contain any synthetic additives or preservatives. Every Spring team member is an ardent Juicy Chemistry fan and we hope to help Pritesh and Megha build a brand that does justice to the wonderful products they have created.


We are super happy to be partners with Verlinvest once again through this investment. They have been great supporters of the Spring purpose – to partner with founders and build the brands of tomorrow – and have been a constant source of encouragement and guidance as we build out our unique fund.


Welcome to Spring, Juicy Chemistry 🙂