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Live in Levi's Connecting with
the Gen-Z of India

Levis has a 150-year-old legacy in denim. Having many generations “Live in Levis”, the brand has been able to transcend trends and stay relevant, aspirational and cool.

However, today, Levis faces its toughest test yet - to appeal to the digitally born, culturally significant Gen-Z.

We partnered with Levis to craft a brand message that would resonate with Gen Z, while keeping the brand & product at the forefront.

This case study captures our understanding of this audience and the brand message that Levis will carry across every consumer touch point.

Gen Z : The Beautiful Mess

Our starting point: A generation that has embraced a life of impermanence. They live in the moment, adapt easily and aren't afraid to show vulnerability. After meeting and speaking to many consumers, here is how we understand this beautiful generation:

But what makes them tick?

It takes your brain seven seconds to turn a ‘yes’ into a ‘no’. Those seven seconds are the enemy of a life well-lived.

Don’t let people tell you that ‘not knowing how to say no’ is a weakness. Every time you go ”Fuck it, I’m in”, you learn something new about you; what moves you, what makes you tick and even what you can’t fucking stand. There are pieces of you hidden in all the things you haven’t tried. The more you try, the more you know. So get in the car. Dig in to what’s on your plate. Let the high kick in. Move in. Dive in. Jump in. Just let it all in - till you find all of you.

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