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MuscleBlaze Positioning & Launching
MuscleBlaze’s Biozyme Whey


MuscleBlaze is India’s largest sports nutrition brand. The brand has grown by making sports nutrition products both aspirational and accessible to the Indian gym-goer. The premium segment in sports nutrition, however, is dominated by international brands with strong legacies and credibility. MuscleBlaze’s biggest challenge was to build product credibility and to break the category perception of ‘Indian quality products being inferior’.

The Biozyme Whey Protein is MuscleBlaze’s most innovative product yet, with years of R&D leading to a product designed specifically for the Indian body. The product leveraged an Enhanced Absorption Formula (EAF), was clinically tested on Indian bodies, and promises 50% greater protein absorption.

Spring partnered with MuscleBlaze to identify the right positioning for the product, craft the product identity and experience, launch it to the Indian consumer, and build credibility through its innovation story.

Turning our ‘weakness’ into strength.

The product positioning stemmed from the India story - Indian bodies are built differently, and require a customised product that is ‘Made for India’.

Product Storytelling Designed for Digital

All roads lead to the brand website, which immersed consumers in the innovation journey of Biozyme. The website was rich with data, reports, and consumer stories, and allowed users to identify their own protein absorption index.

Building credibility through contentWe partnered with a research organisation, category influencers and nutritional specialists to create educational and engaging content for the community across platforms.

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