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Wakefit Bringing sleep back into consciousness.
And conversation.

Building a branded IP

Wakefit’s purpose was to bring the subject of sleep back into the consciousness and conversation of today’s dynamic, young audience. The Sleep Internship was conceptualised with this purpose at its core. The idea was to create a long-term platform for the brand that walked the talk (or in Wakefit’s case, ‘sleep’), and encouraged people to talk about sleep.

A Branded Property Designed For EngagementThe journey of the Sleep Internship began through branded content that announced this too-good-to-be-true offering, leading to a microsite where the fascinated could come apply. This was amplified by identifying the right media that could serve as credible sources to reach our audience and amp up interest. To make their case, entrants then sent in video resumes to tell us why they deserved this amazing internship. The final interviews involved flying down the shortlisted applicants for a day of rigorous interviews with a panel of “expert judges”, and various sleep-themed activities. And it all culminated in monitoring and reporting on the sleep stats and quality of our interns getting their 9 hrs of shut-eye a night.


Applications in the
First Season.


Increase in brand searches.

Over 2500 pieces of content generatedIn its first edition, Sleep Internship generated over 2500 pieces of content, created by prospective sleep interns. From video interviews to memes to open letters, the campaign sparked interest (and a flurry of content) from across the globe.


Video submissions.



And Wakefit became a core part of sleep conversations


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