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Wakefit The transition from sleep to home

The window of possibilityWakefit began its journey in 2016, obsessed with the vision to make sleep accessible to every Indian. Since India as a country often demonises sleep and pits it against hard work and productivity, Wakefit built out its vision by bringing sleep into people’s consciousness. 1 million mattress later, in 2020, the business evolved into home solutions and has since built the largest furniture factory in India with offerings available both online and offline.

Simplifying Living

As people transition through life stages, their homes must evolve with them. Because home isn't just a place where we live, but a space where we build a life together. The brand purpose is to "Simplify living" by helping people "Make the most of their homes", so that they can make the most of their lives.

Infinite possibilities within the walls.The refreshed logo was born from the endless expanse of possibilities. It represents the limitless horizons of what they’re venturing into and symbolises the infinite possibilities of what one can do with every aspect of their home. From the furniture to the decor to the memories made, each of these aspects come together in infinite ways to help you make the most of your home. Because Wakefit believes that home isn’t just a place where you live; it’s a space where life happens.

We bring those infinite dreams to life

Keeping it quirky yet effectiveWe question the way things are. We dream about how they ought to be. We take your problems seriously. But we solve them with a smile :) We're quirky, we're funny. We're caring, we're insightful. We're passionate, we're logical. We don't sit around waiting. We're busy innovating.

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