Things We Do

Here’s one for all the nutty folks.

When Bewakoof approached us with their nut-based personal care line, we took it as our license to GoNuts. We had the chance to build a brand that fun, witty, quirky, and most-importantly, silly! After all, why can’t personal care products put a smile on your face?

Our name is GoNuts.Of course we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

In a cluttered category of complicated claims,
we have a simple one: We’re nut-based.
And we’re fun. That’s all we aimed to capture
in a nut-shell. Sometimes it’s the simple, fun,
and clear messaging that works wonders.

Packaging that walnut disappoint.

Our world is inspired by all things nutty and funny! Our packaging is designed to stand out
on your bathroom shelf, and make you chuckle unexpectedly. Be it our nut stickers, the pun-ny nut names, or the bright colours, everything about the packaging screams that the people who designed it are, well, kind of nuts.

The road ahead is paved with nutty delights.

Whereas we’ve just kicked off, we hope that GoNuts grows up to be a wholesome and fun person who offers a truly fresh brand and product experience.

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