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Take Care, Have Fun.

Plix came to us with a simple (but not easy) ask — to design a brand world that was truer to who they are, and stands apart in the high-clutter category of nutritional supplements. Several months of effervescent-fuelled ideation & creation later, the refreshed new Plix identity was born.

Take Care, Have Fun.Plix is the embodiment of the fact that taking care of oneself and having fun while doing it aren’t mutually exclusive anymore. In the Plix world, they not only co-exist, but actually work best together. The core stance of redefining the world of nutrition to be more light-hearted, warm and effortless. So that all you have to do is - Take Care, Have Fun

Plant-based goodness wrapped in tasty nuggets of yum.Amidst shelves packed with functional, clinical supplements, Plix made supplements that wouldn’t feel like a chore. The core of the brand lies in “fun, effective super-nutrition,” reflecting their ability to use superfood-derived ingredients to power your nutrition in tasty and easy-to-consume formats.

Natural. Tasty. Vibrant.The Plix design world is built around bold, vibrant visuals that evoke nutrition in an energetic, playful and tasty manner, with suggestive elements of nature and nutrition. The use of bold typography, saturated vibrant colours, raw stylised illustrations and crisp imagery make this world of nutrition less daunting and more welcoming.


The brand world has since come alive across Plix’s digital presence, communications, and packaging. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re about to go pop a different kind of bubbly!

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