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Eggoz Building a brand in
an unorganized category

Despite being one of the most common foods in Indian households, ‘eggs’ are still a largely unorganized category (~95% unorganized with few known brands) Eggoz was launched in 2021 with a vision to increase the ‘nutritional value’ of food consumed in Indian households.

~95% unorganized with few known brands

How can Eggoz move consumers from unbranded eggs to branded eggs?

To address this challenge, we went deep into the fridge and minds of egg consumers to understand what matters to them and what would get them to think a little more about the eggs they are buying. Here is what we learnt.

An egg is an egg!

Eggs are a blind spot in the grocery basket. Even the most discerning grocery buyer has very low involvement when it comes to eggs.

Differentiating at the Point of Purchase is hardThere exists little differentiation between branded & unbranded eggs which is why its hard to tell a good egg from a bad one, from the outside. And for the low-awareness, low-involvement consumer, any differentiation is almost invisible.

"There’s nothing to look for when it comes to eggs"

Fruits, vegetables and meats have been built on strong sensorial cues at the point of purchase. Consumers seek out better-looking, better feeling products that indicate freshness & quality. With eggs, these markers of quality & freshness aren’t known, nor apparent to the buyer.

Make the invisible visible to consumersOur starting point- “At Eggoz, we want to give consumers the best egg possible. Which is why all Eggoz hens are fed with a proprietary hen feed which gives our yolks a deep orange colour and makes it more nutritious, naturally." – Abhishek Negi, Founder- Eggoz Nutrition

A clear brand message

The consumer narrative: 

Bringing this proposition alive:

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